My name is Danielle, I'm the designer and maker of the Discovery Journal. 
I've suffered with anxiety and ocd since the age of 16 and although I am in a place where I can say I have my condition under control I still have tough days. 
I've come far but it took a lot of years to achieve and tried and tested techniques to get me there. Mental health is a marathon not a sprint.



I was very lucky in my mental health journey, although at my worst it was debilitating, I managed to surround myself with people whom I could trust to support me. I compiled all the tricks and techniques I had learnt over the years and created the Discovery Journal in hopes that some of these could benefit others who find some days just too overwhelming. 
I'm a very strategic person, I work well with lists and routine, anxiety took this from me. It is unpredictable and unwelcome and it could turn my day on its head in minutes. Anxiety dictated my life, what I was doing and where I was going. When something has control over you, it's time to get some clarity, so I made my journals in a clear cut and logical thinking manner so even in our worst times we gain a sense of self, monitor our emotions and identify triggers.


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