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(This is not my dog, although I wish she was!)

My name is Danielle, I'm the designer and maker of the Discovery Journal. 
I was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and OCD at the age of 16 and although I am in a place where I can say I have my condition under control I still have tough days. 
I've come far but it took a lot of years and trial and error to get me here. Mental health is a marathon, not a sprint.

I designed the Discovery Journal when I noticed someone I cared for dearly was struggling with their mental health. I saw myself in them. I wanted to help but not interfere and the Discovery Journal was how I did it. 

Discovery Journal Creator Danielle


At my worst, my anxiety was debilitating, although I'd experienced OCD since childhood with anxiety coming along in my teens I struggled to understand what caused it. I had tried CBT, Meditation, Yoga, and anger management before I found journaling. At such a young age I couldn't seem to commit seriously to the process of therapy. Perhaps I just wasn't ready. When my anxiety peaked in university I struggled to leave my bedroom, and participate in trips or social gatherings. I was lucky to surround myself with people whom I could trust to support me and who weren't strangers to mental illness themselves and I found ways to manage my anxiety with their support and guidance. I learned that it's not "one size fits all" and I could find a way to make every day easier, by personalising all the techniques I'd learned over the years to who I was and how I think. 
I'm a very strategic person, I work well with lists and routines, and anxiety had taken this from me. It is unpredictable and unwelcome. I knew it could turn my day on its head in seconds. Anxiety was dictating my life. I started to think of anxiety apart from myself, something that affected me but wasn't who I am.  I needed to regain a sense of self without anxiety so my journals are clear-cut and logical, monitor emotions, and identify triggers. Much like a Fitbit, it gave me the facts and allowed me to expand on them.

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