Making it easier to journal

We know that committing to journaling is not always the easiest decision to make. We want to provide you with ways to make sure you are getting the best out of your journal and inspire you to pick up that pen and get started. 
We will be updating our deals page every month with a new offer to thank our brave and supportive community start or keep journalling with confidence!



This month we are running a little contest to win a set of prizes! 

All you have to do to enter is upload your photo of your journal and how you are using it (you don't have to be in the pic!) and upload it to our reviews tab! 

We love to see how your journal is helping or inspiring you on a regular basis. 

The contest ends on Nov the 30th!




Referrals & Reviews

When it comes to mental health it's so important that the more people who know that there are aids and resources out there available the more people can be helped in the long run. Communication is key when it comes to improving mental health so we want you to communicate with others and help us spread the word. Now then, we understand that time is precious for us all, I myself don't write enough reviews even though I rely on them heavily when deciding on a new product. So as a little incentive, if you make a few minutes of time in your schedule to leave us a review or refer a friend we'll send you a thank you gift in the post! 

Reviews - Simple, Just leave us a review on the website, we'll know who you are and send you a free gift

Referrals - Please ask your referral to mention your name in the notes box at the checkout and we'll send both you and them a little gift.