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10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts for Christmas 2022

Updated: May 7

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

A perfect little stocking filler.

If one of your friends or family needs a pick-me-up there is nothing better than a "hug in a box"

Including Tea, candles, calming spray as well as a mix of affirmation and motivational cards.

With a free delivery option, this little gem won't break the bank either!

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

For at home or on the move!

Give the gift of a great night's sleep with Cowshed's beautiful calming pillow mist!

Made in the UK with no nasties!

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

Handmade and 100% beeswax, these scented calendars will inspire anyone to take that well-needed 20 minutes a day for themselves!

With free delivery in the UK, this would make a perfect stocking filler!

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

Do you know someone who takes medication for their mental health?

Consider giving them something more personal to them. These 3-compartment pill boxes can be carried in any bag, case, or pocket.

You might want to put in your order soon though, it takes a bit of time to personalise and get to you in time for Christmas!

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

Now, this is a great one for kids and adults alike!

We all worry about something, it's a regular occurrence we get used to, but sometimes certain worries can eat you up! This worry box is a great activity to dispose of those unwanted niggling thoughts.

It's also super affordable with a free UK delivery option.

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

Soothing the mind body and spirit! These beautiful oil diffuser bracelets are available in different colours and multiple scent options.

The scent will radiate throughout the day, meaning you smell amazing all day, but also feel calm and relaxed!

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

Talk about getting in touch with your feelings! Yes, this rug is on the pricey side but they also create wall art in the same format!

Something about this rug amazes me and inspires me to pick up a pen and start writing....anything!

Delivery takes a little longer (3-8 days) so make sure to order in good time!

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

Tailored for every person from ages 12-99! Even designed for autistic and dyslexic users, the Discovery Journal helps users discover triggers and causes of anxiety and stress.

A lovely little addition to anyone's Christmas and a perfect way to say you care without having to say a word!

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

Infused with essential oils, this dough is used by art therapists as a stress reliever.

Think of these as your adult stress balls, or much like clay mold your little sculptures in times of chaos.

10 Best Mental Wellness Gifts

This therapy lamp is perfect during those colder, darker winter nights. Combating season depression with a temp setting, dimmer and timer so you get just the right amount of extra light.

Also with an alarm clock, this is the only gadget you'll need to get through the Springtime!

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