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14 Imaginative Mental Health Gifts for Loved Ones

Updated: Feb 10

Make Christmas memorable for the right reasons! Say I love you without saying a word!

Christmas is an odd time of year; it comes around every year and yet we are frequently surprised by the amount of stuff that needs to be done beforehand!

I myself am a dangerous combination of highly organised but very picky. I love giving gifts to others but I'm very particular about what I "say" with a gift. I want my choices to be functional, memorable and most importantly NOT end up in the back of a closet!

So I've put together 15 unique gifts to help improve mental health, broken down into 3 categories.

Gifts to Improve Mental Health

These gifts will activity improve mental health and combat the onset of symptoms.

The Morphee is designed by Eve Sleep and is designed with over 200 variations of short meditations and sound effects for a peaceful night's sleep.

Because it works with both headphones and speakers, you aren't dealing with any nuisance blue light keeping you up

Mediation or the concept of taking time out of your busy schedule to commit to doing nothing, is unachievable or off-putting for some, however, the Morphee allows you to complete short meditations to aid sleep, combining two healing therapies into one!

Mental Health Gifts

Designed through lived experience with anxiety disorder and OCD, Discovery Journal is a guided bullet journal which hones in on triggers and causes of anxiety rather than focusing on symptoms. By working through each section in your own time, you aren't worried about disrupting any flow of writing and can fit the journal around your lifestyle.

There is a complete range of journals to suit any budget or personality and they don't have an imposing or overwhelming appearance, instead, they are made to be inconspicuous and mature for the user. The journals are refillable and cost-effective as a tool for self-care.

Mental Health Gifts

The Buddy Box is a subscription service which provides a collection of uplifting, self-care products every month. Buddy Box can also be brought as a one-off gift for a loved one and you have the option to include a personal note. Every month the variation inside the box changes and you get 5 new items, remember to take into consideration timing with this option as you'll need to order your box in November to receive it in December!

Mental Health Gifts

Inspired by 17th Century Komuso Monks, the Shift is a beautiful stainless steel pendant which

  • Decreases blood pressure

  • Decreases stress hormone

  • Loosens up muscles

  • Slows down your heartbeat

To be worn around the neck, the pendant is available in 4 different colours, Slate, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold and is a trusty tool to control your breathing and most importantly your exhaled breath when feeling stressed or anxious.

Mental Health Gifts

When you begin to feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, it can be particularly difficult to regain a sense of calm or control and all your strength goes into simply not spiralling.

The Distraction Care package is full of games and tasks to keep your mind and body occupied through those difficult times. When you are concentrating on something else, it pushes your anxiety to the back.

Mental Health Gifts

Gifts to Help Boost Mood

These gifts will put a big smile on the face of whoever receives them...simple as that!

Soul Analyse is a brand that focuses' on you. Creating beautiful jewellery centred around positive affirmations reminding you of your strength and providing you with empowerment every time you wear them.

They have a full collection of rings, necklaces and robe bracelets all featuring positive affirmations in a subtle but stylish manner.

Mental Health Gifts

Everyone has a sensitive side and this little gem utilises that. You have the chance to put down on paper 12 personalised notes to someone you care about for them to keep forever.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't love to receive something so personal and touching this Christmas!

Mental Health Gifts

WishStrings produces beautifully handmade "Wish" bracelets. 'Make a Wish, tie on the bracelet, when the thread wears thin and breaks away, your wish will come true so they say!'

Combined with inspiring and uplifting messages with each one, you have a full selection of gorgeous keepsakes to choose from. Not only do WishStrings make beautiful bracelets but they also create boxes full of self-care items which can be brought "ready-to-go" or "create your own"

Mental Health Gifts

Along with the Anxiety Journals we already mentioned from Discovery Journal, they also produce a small range of tools to enhance mood and increase organisation.

The Emotiwheel is a small double-sided swatch book which includes a series of inspirational quotes to co-ordinate with your current mood or what you need to hear most at that moment. Perfect to fit in a handbag, this little wheel is built to be a support tool when you are out and about!

Mental Health Gifts

The Hand Me Down Book Club is primarily a subscription service however they also have a gifting service which provides your loved one with a second-hand book that you can choose or can be chosen for you from a range of specific genres. Nothing boosts your mood and keeps you quiet and contemplating like a good book, so what could be a better gift? oh. And they are environmentally friendly!

Mental Health Gifts

Essential Personal Gifts

These are a selection of gifts which have a practical element, there is nothing worse than giving a gift which will never get used! No one wants to go down the novelty route!

Created from a soft herringbone linen, the No Sleep Club Eye Pillow, helps those who have trouble getting to sleep by blocking out unwanted light and soothing tired eyes. The eye pillow is weighted to enhance a deep relaxing state of sleep and can be used hot or cold (just pop it in the microwave!)

Mental Health Gifts

Another one for a great night's sleep! As far as gifts go you can't go much wrong with sleep enhancers, since we all do it and we all need a good night's sleep!

Mela produces beautiful weighted blankets to reduce anxiety and enable a peaceful deep sleep experience. During these colder nights, you'll be thankful for a heavy soft blanket that will keep you warm in the day and restore you overnight.

Mental Health Gifts

Now this is an item on my Christmas List this year! I never manage to drink enough water and call me lazy but the idea of getting up every few minutes to refill just puts me off completely so this is an absolute godsend! Get your complete recommended daily amount of water into one single refill bottle! Talk about making life more convenient!

Mental Health Gifts

The Ultimate wearable blanket! Oh yes, this is super snuggly and warm for those upcoming winter months (let's be honest most of the year!)

The Oodie is flannel and sherpa fleece with an awesome hood! Working from home never felt so good (as long as you're not on Zoom) and they come in amazing colours and prints so you can grab one which perfectly fits your loved one's personality or interests.

Mental Health Gifts

I hope you've got some great ideas from our list and managed to find the perfect presents for this Christmas season!

It's worth subscribing to some of your favourite brands here because Black Friday is coming up and you never might grab a deal!

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