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7 Extra Special Mother's Day Gifts

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

How can you possibly find the right way to say I'm here for you. Well, we've put together some comforting gifts to inspire you this year.

Let's start super!

Ok, so maybe this isn't a "conventional" mother's day gift but unlikely a standard tea set, Rheal superfoods produce teas, coffees, and smoothies that will relax mum as well as promote all-around wellness.

Learn more about RHEAL here.

Who doesn't love a bunch of flowers? They may not last long but they always bring a smile when you most need one! Flower cards have the added advantage of including a special message right there on the box so there is no need to get an extra card or worry about it getting lost in the post.

Learn more about Flowercard here.

If you are looking for a more practical option, Discovery Journal has launched a Mother's Day package which not only includes one of their Anxiety Journals but also a beautiful Mental Health Awareness necklace. This gift will let mum know you are a support, no words necessary.

How would it feel to wear a hug? I'm pretty sure it would be something like the Oodie. With several variations available you can get something quirky or more mature to suit every personality.

Learn more about Oodie here.

With several outer bands that physically spin around the actual ring they are said to bring good luck & fortune, and a sense of serenity and peace, and rid the wearer of anxiety and worry. Not only is this ring beautiful, it has calming properties.

Learn more about the Worry ring here.

A set of 45 cards with tasks and affirmations to remind new mamas to remember self-care and self-love in the early stages of motherhood. These would make a perfect gift for friends and family who are expecting or recently welcomed a new bundle of joy.

Learn more about Mum's Mind Cards here.

"Engineered to melt away anxiety and welcome in calm for deep, restorative sleep."

Perfect for those cold winter nights. Mum's don't often get a lot of sleep, but this could be a great help for getting those well-needed 40 winks.

Learn more about Mela Weighted Blanket here.

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