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Anxiety be gone! - Conquer your daily anxiety with Discovery Journals new Anxiety Pad

Since launching this year, I have experienced really humbling stories and reviews about the release of our Mental Health diary and I wanted to keep that going.

2020 has been troubling in many ways in my life and the lives of others so if I can keep producing tools to help people get through their tougher days and gain a sense of clarity and control over their anxiety I will!

Introducing the brand new daily rip-pad!

Our Original - mental health diary already allows you to evaluate your day in a concise and coherent manner, and now our rip-pad will allow you to hone into specific tasks and errands that cause anxiety on daily basis.

Do you like making lists? Do you find you work better with guidance? So do I!

I often find I am more productive if I had something to follow throughout the day and a goal I have set for myself.

What are the benefits of our Anxiety Pad?

  • Nighttime and Day time challenges

We have created this pad to be mostly completed the night before and have inserted indicators to let you know what is to be filled in when. I found that if I got up in the morning without my “past-self” having laid out my plan then my anxiety would quickly take over and talk me out of those to-dos! If I gave myself enough time to think, it would end up working against me.

Simply fill in what you want to accomplish the night before, give yourself a solid plan and fill in the rest once you are done with the day.

  • Keeping it simple!

It’s very easy to create a to-do list and immediately get carried away remembering all those little things which have been pushed to the background. This pad is designed to make you prioritise and only select tasks which are of importance to you, if you feel there is less to do you have more chance of not only accomplishing them but most importantly not really bogged down or overwhelmed!

  • Rewarding yourself

I use a reward system to this day! In case you have any misconceptions about a reward system, it is not just for children!

As adults, we are always rewarding ourselves whether we realise it or not. We might let ourselves have an indulgent treat or buy something new for yourselves; watching a movie as a way to congratulate ourselves for completing an assignment or making a series of phone calls! After all, what is a lunch break? It’s that little reward of “me time”. It's just down to your perception.

This pad is designed with rewarding in mind. Each pad comes with a series of stars which you award yourself for completing three aims on that day. Outlining your desired daily reward, as well as weekly aims will give you something to focus on and a goal to achieve.

You can constantly remind yourself of how well you are progressing every week to fight against your anxiety! Because if anyone knows that debilitating anxiety can be, I do! And some days your aim might just be to get out of bed and that still deserves rewarding!

  • It’s practical

We all have a habit of getting lost in the day's events and sometimes things will creep up on you that you weren’t prepared for. By being practical and writing down our goals we have a better chance of succeeding, after all – “ you have survived all of your bad days” and seeing the list written by your “past-self” will remind you that this is really something you want and the anxious thoughts which are trying to deter you are not your real desires!

  • Gratitude therapy

The is a whole construct of therapy which concentrates on being grateful and even though I didn’t necessarily follow this when I was younger, I certainly wish I had of done. It’s said that if you smile (even if its fake and forced) the smile releases “happy hormones” into your body and mind, making you feel overall…better.

At the end of each day, there is a section of the pad which is allocated to those feelings to remind yourself on a regular basis of the positives in each day and believe me they can be found even in your lowest days. If you teach yourself and practice on a daily basis to acknowledge these moments you’ll find yourself in a better state of mind for the next day with the aim of being every day.

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