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Discovery Journal's New Range!

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the interest and support I've received since I launched Discovery Journal this year. Taking my learnt experience living with a severe anxiety disorder and OCD and being able to use my design skills to form an effective tool to help others like me truly has been an honour and privilege.

2020 has seen a surge in mental health issues especially anxiety which has naturally risen due to the circumstances of the pandemic.

While this year has been incredibly unsettling I've used the time honing the original design and creating more products and aids to help a wider range of ages and people across the world.


The NEW Discovery Journal £19.50

Available in 3 brand new colours, Plum, Teal and Black

I've slimmed down the colour options but made them modern and attractive with a stunning new geometric pattern. Hopefully, this new change will create a sense of excitement to get started, after all, who said anxiety has to be drab.

Not everything has changed though!

You can still expect to start with a yearly mood calendar (which you don't have to start on January 1st!) simply mark or fill in each day to reflect your mood and keep a track on your ups and downs! You don't have to make an entry in your journal every day you can easily fill in your mood calendar on its own.

Each diary is started with 2 introduction pages clearly explaining how to fill in your diary and get the best results.

Moving on... Let's look inside...

The first page of every entry begins which an emotive word box. Why you ask?

We get so used to hiding ourselves away and saying "I'm just stressed" or "I'm just tired" that we lose the ability to really relay how we feel. You must become comfortable using emotive words and most importantly recognising them!

Now that been taken care of, we look at narrowing down how those feelings may have come about.

Logging hours or sleep, screentime and exercise is a good start. We follow on by addressing at that moment what aspects of your life are causing you the most stress. This is vitally important as we move on and analyse those areas. The aim of this journal is for you to recognise those parts of your day which can trigger your anxiety. Which is why the next section concentrates on the places you have been and the associated feelings.

We don't often realise that we tend to connect things very easily and without even knowing we are doing it. Eating a dodgy burger can put us off meat and in turn food shopping, without realising, a supermarket can bring on feelings of nausea and panic. It's essential we break these feelings down and get to the root so those connections don't form or get out of control!

Next up is people. They say an opinion is formed in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, so imagine how may opinions we can form in a longer period and how that person can affect our thinking. Investigate who you’ve seen, or spoken to in the day you don’t have to go into great detail or bare your soul, quickly write up a list of people you've interacted with and how that interaction made you feel.

From this point onwards it's all new!

New sections such as "What I wish I could say and The best thing I've done for myself today" requires you to be utterly honest and in touch with yourself...even if it isn't nice. We spend a lot of our time being polite and courteous. We suppress a lot of emotions to become socially acceptable.

We spend a lot of our time being polite and courteous. We suppress a lot of emotions to become socially acceptable. This is your chance to have a metaphorical "do-over".

Finally, the third page of your journal looks at the breakdown. Again this is a brand new page added to each entry. I often find that one of the biggest sources of my stress is confusion. Getting to the end of the day and having lost sight of what has annoyed or upset me and basically just taking it out on anyone in my vicinity. This section will get rid of that feeling by asking you to list incidents and interactions in the day and place them into categories of how severely they affected your mood. When little things pile up throughout the day its hard to see what your actually worried about and why.

And of course, when you are all done you still have a page for notes if you want to let off a little more steam...

The Stats

At the end of each journal if put in a little statistics page in case you are curious about some of the connections and patterns that have formed throughout your diary.

You can view our full range of Discovery Journals on our Shop

What else is new?

Daily Anxiety Rip-Pad £7.50

Not much has changed here except for the design! Previously we went with a lovely floral design for our anxiety pads, but we've made a change!

Due to the success of our Journal and Pad bundle we've matched them up! Now available in the same Plum, Teal and Black as our Discovery Journals you can grab yourself a set or mix and match :)

View our Anxiety Rip-Pads here!

The Ultimate To-Do-List! £6.50

Last year I worked with a young entrepreneur running her own wellness consulting business. She expressed to me the difficulty she was having to separate her work tasks from her personal tasks and how overwhelming and confusing it can be...especially when you are lying awake at night thinking of what you missed!

I couldn't help but relate to this plight. I often start the day with yesterdays list of uncompleted tasks and add on; after a while, I have so many its hard to keep track.

I end up mixing up priorities between returning crucial e-mails and doing my washing!

So this Ultimate to-do-list will last 2 months if used every day and is split into 2 easy sections...WORK and HOME.

The work section also features a column for scheduled calls, meetings and appointments and asks you to use your own key to set the priority level.

The home section features a shopping list for those emergency items you don't want to forget to grab on your way home!

Find our New Organiser here!

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