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A Revolutionary Way to Manage Anxiety

Updated: May 7

Here at Discovery Journal, we have worked very hard to create a functional outlet for managing daily stress and anxiety in a manner that is simply designed for a busy lifestyle. Recently we released a range of refillable jackets for our increasingly popular anxiety journal. Our new Discovery Journal is far more cost-effective for long-term journalers, not to mention a mature and adult way to monitor your recovery.

In this blog, we have listed some of the primary benefits of our journals and how going "refillable" is a system that supports you so you keep progressing.

So let's have a look first at what makes our Adult Anxiety Journals so different from the conventional wellness journals you find on the market.

Let's make one thing clear! Our journals are all about function and content.

  • Tracking is key!

  • We focus on logical, strategic monitoring of triggers

  • You won't find any bright colours or smiley faces

  • We concentrate on removing chaos

  • Our binder jackets are yes stunning but also built to be functional e.g laying flat, removable pages for left-handers and refillable

Mood Calendar

Manage Anxiety

Every journal comes with a yearly mood calendar. Somedays you don't feel like journaling...that's fine! But if you can manage a little scratch of the pencil, you can keep track of fluctuations of mood, take notes or refer to full entries.


Manage Anxiety

We don't leave you high and dry. You'll receive some easy instructions to get you going on how to fill out each section to get the most benefit, although we think you'll only need them for the first go!

The Entries

Spanning over 4 pages (I know that sounds a lot but bear with me!)

Our journals are prompted - meaning instead of having to search for the words to describe how you are feeling, they are right there on the page ready for you to just identify them.

We get rid of any long arduous scripts and therefore any big-time commitments. You simply fill out each section that refers to a different part of your day and remove all the noise from that day that can often confuse us.

Manage Anxiety

You decide how much you fill out in one go always returning later if you choose.

We have concentrated on places, people and interactions that could cause moments of anxiety and over time you can build a picture of what recurring events are causing you that anxiety and stress.

Manage Anxiety

Honesty and evaluation of actions are very important. We have left you some space to form your own opinions and thoughts on what conclusions you've come to through that entry.

So let's look now at our refillable system and why it's an investment you won't regret!

  1. They are utterly B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

Manage Anxiety

When you think of tools to help conquer mental illness or reduce symptoms of anxiety you are usually faced with multiple brightly coloured activities and colouring books.

The problem with these is that the novelty soon wears off. I have tried popular non-fiction books with catchy headlines, colouring books (both extremely complex and unbelievably easy) and of course, numerous activity books flooding me with smiley face emojis. Hell, I've even given apps a go! But these soon ended up in the back of a cupboard just waiting for a reprieve.

When you are faced with a new brightly coloured activity the excitement wears off when you suddenly realise you are an adult, you have adult needs and serious obstacles to overcome. These new refillable journals wouldn't look out of place in a desk drawer or on a bookshelf. They are designed to be a long-term option you won't get bored of but instead add to!

2. They are cost-effective

Manage Anxiety

Personal development can be expensive, (like everything in life). But if you find something that works that cost becomes invaluable. Even so, we want to make it much much easier to continue that development without a continued high price.

Seeking help for any mental health issue is hard enough, and yes I will always encourage contacting charities and organisations which are built to help, but that doesn't mean that you have to pick between group or physical therapy and private home development. Like any long-term option, you have an initial outlay to overcome but if our journals work for you, a refillable option means instead of having to purchase a whole new journal every time, you simply refill it with our book blocks (£6) as and when you need to!

And just to cover all bases...

If you are nervous about that first outlay cost we have other options available to give the journal a try before you commit to our faux leather jackets...

Manage Anxiety

Again this is a refillable option but at a much lower cost. Starting at just £15.50 this is a great option to start with and it means you can get into the re-fill routine from the start!

These jackets are also waterproof and spill-proof, which is great if you have little legs running around or want to take your journal out and about with you.

3. No more waste

Manage Anxiety

Our Faux binders use vegan leather and our Poly Binders are recyclable. Our refill book blocks arrive with you delicately packaged as a small ream of paper which again is fully recyclable.

We don't want you to be put off by the idea of buying a whole new diary every time they run out of pages. It's incredible when you finally find something that works for you, fits around your schedule and most importantly aids your recovery from anxiety and daily stress, the last thing we want is for that process to become arduous to keep up. With our refillable, you can be constantly on top of your progress and even have a little stock of extra pages so you don't forget or you can carry on if you are having a particularly tight month.

You can shop the full refillable range here!

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