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Show you care! - 7 Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

Updated: May 7

Do you want to make your gifts personal? Fed up with getting the same perfume or a reliable sock and scarf combo?

It’s been a particularly tough year for everyone and even though Christmas isn’t the same this year it doesn’t mean the gifts can’t show the people you love, that you care.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress rates have skyrocketed this year and I’m sure you’ll be pushed to think of someone you know who isn’t or hasn’t experienced one of these in 2020. Some people are struggling with ongoing triggers and feelings made worse by this year’s events and some people are trying to understand new feelings of anxiety and stress.

Many people will feel like they don’t know how to help or maybe what would be appropriate this Christmas but ultimately the one thing we all share is that need to show you care, that you are there and that you have listened. So with this in mind, I have put together a collection of thoughtful gifts designed to ease the symptoms of mental health for this Christmas time to suit any budget. So let's get started with the Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health.


Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

Mood cards were created by founder Fede and her passion for supporting mental health and well-being. Mood cards are available for you or a couple and include 20 practical activities self-care, personal development, mindfulness, self-confidence and emotional awareness.

All the cards are in potent colours which in itself uplifts you and brings a smile to your face. Their compact presentation in a reusable tin box makes them a thoughtful stocking filler, guaranteed to bring a cheeky grin to anyone’s face.

This little gift allows the user to set themselves a function activity that will put them in a better mindset throughout the year. You can see their full range here.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

With 20 years’ experience in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and member of The British Psychological Society Evelyn Montgomery has applied her skills to Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and many other forms of psychological study. Looking at what people ate and the way they felt allowed Evelyn to produce a range of multivitamins which concentrate on boosting positive moods and combating feelings of tiredness or overexertion.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

The Montgomery and Evelyn range features 4 multivitamin choices based on the individual’s needs.

Feeling low + would

like to feel happier: HAPPY ME

Anxious + would like to feel calmer: CALM ME

Feeling flat + would like an energy boost: ENERGY ME

A mixture of all of these things + you want something to do everything: MOOD ME

All these vitamins are produced in the UK and abide by British standards. Available as a one-off purchase or by subscription.

Check out Montgomery and Evelyns full range here.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

Having been diagnosed with severe anxiety and OCD at the age of 16, the founder of Discovery Journal Danielle has designed a range of products to help those dealing with mental illness gain clarity of their feelings in a practical and fun way.

If you have a friend or relative that is struggling with anxiety, openly or in private the range of mental health aids from the Discovery Journal could be a huge support and a way to provide that support without interfering with their process.

The Original Mental Health diary is a personal journal designed in a bullet format. This journal allows the user to better identify their thought processes and emotions, in turn providing an insight into their triggers. Turning anxiety into a logical and strategic process, reducing stress and confusion.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

They also provide a daily Anxiety Pad. This rip pad is designed similarly but concentrates on conquering anxiety in the day and rewarding the user for their daily accomplishments even if it's just getting out of bed that day! This is a form of self-motivation and encourages self-care and prioritising, making each day a little bit brighter and more manageable.

Either of these products will make for a thoughtful gift and let the people in your life know you are thinking of them.


If you are struggling with anxiety it's very difficult to ignore anxious thoughts, finding yourself in a revolving door of sweating, panicking, feeling sick and wanting to escape from the situation or place you are in. Colouring books distract you from those thoughts.

By applying yourself to something practical like colouring your brain doesn’t have the time to make you anxious. Using a colouring book will preoccupy you by concentrating on completing something. Drawing and art therapy is very calming and relaxing so in high-stress situations a colouring book can relieve those symptoms.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

This book is a complex collection of nature imagery, great for animal and fantasy lovers.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

Christina Rose creates colouring books on different themes such as Anti-Stress, Mindfulness and Creative Colouring. You need only select the one that suits you.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

This colouring book focuses on a positive message. Not only are their intricate designs to fill in but each page features a motivational message and positive affirmation for the user.


Sleeping is crucial for mental health. We all hear how important a good night's sleep is for overall health and wellness and it's completely true but it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Sleeping is a complete recharge of our metaphorical batteries. We can process our thoughts and escape our realities through sleep. So, we’ve put together some gift ideas for those out there who struggle to get their full 8 hours!

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

This quirky pack includes a Lavender & Rosemary Bag Pillow bag, a Mini Pack of Chamomile Tea and Sleep Well Oil, all wrapped up in a beautifully illustrated bag.

The Sleep Well Oil can also be used on the Pillow to promote a sense of calm and a better night’s sleep.

What makes this kit stand out is its unique presentation a cross between a witches' kitchen and Alice in Wonderful, the little potions are gorgeous and one of a kind.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

I love this set primarily because of the 2 pillow sprays. When I was younger and under the weather, I remember I would always put a couple of drops of Karvol on my pillow to help me get to sleep and even though these sprays aren’t medicinal I can’t help but imagine the relaxing scents washing over me as I’m shutting my eyes to be anything less than soothing! This kit includes:

  • 50ml Pillow Spray

  • 75ml Shower Cream

  • 50ml Breathe Well Pillow Spray


Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

This may seem like a bit of a wild card, but let me explain. When I was suffering from severe anxiety I could not and would not leave my house without a bottle of water. I had a fear of getting dehydrated, ill or being stuck somewhere where I’d be too embarrassed to ask for a drink or have no access to one, but it made my bag very heavy!

So this little gem would have been perfect for me! Simply fill it up at the beginning of the day and when it's out just fold it up and into your handbag's zip pockets. I wouldn’t have had to worry about lugging around a heavy bottle or hearing those empty plastic clicks in my bag.

This foldable bottle can be refilled at any time in a bathroom sink or tap without the worry of staff seeing the ripped wet label or lipstick marks covering the bottle top!


Is there a more perfect stocking filler than a novelty stress reliever? We have put together some of our favourite gadgets to help combat stress right then and there!

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

If you want a real gag gift with is beneficial as well as humourous you can’t go far wrong with this naughty novelty.

This amazing kit includes all your stress-beating gadgets, so you can have a different one for every activity. Choose which works for you from:

· 1 x GamePad Fidget Controller

· 1 x Jacobs Fidget Ladder

· 1 x Finger Fidget Cube

· 1 x Mesh Ball

· 1 x Yellow Stretchy Man

· 1 x skull-filled slime

· 1 x Galaxy Putty

Show your imaginative gift-giving skills with this is ingenious and creative little present for someone who has trouble concentrating and focusing.

Best Gift Ideas To Improve Mental Health

Small but powerful, the fidget cube is built to help you focus and is highly addictive. You can use this compact cube at work, on the move or at home without having to worry about whether you can fit it in your bag!

With 6 sides to play with you can Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll and Spin your heart away, all while de-stressing your mind and occupying your restless hands.


If you have the budget for it you may want to consider a retreat or festival for the following year that could help their all-round wellness, open their mind and allow them to start self-caring.

There are some amazing events in the UK coming up in 2021 (fingers crossed) which promote wellbeing through means of activities like meditation, yoga and music. This could be something to look forward to after the turbulent year we’ve all had and be a great practical experience.

These are some of our favourites:

Balance Festival – Old Truman Building, London 7-9th May 2021 Standard tickets start at £32

All about wellness, at the 2021 Balance Festival you can expect to experience an array of wellness advice including a live cooking theatre teaching you new ways to create food for the body and mind. Enjoy live workouts and sample exercise classes and if you are into yoga this is the place to be. As well as all this you can get pampered by Balances' wonderful beauty brands and sip on some cocktails in the mindful drinking zone!

Soul Circus – Elmore, Cotswolds August 20-22nd 2021 Tickets start at £79

Soul Circus is the perfect getaway event for yogis! Full of well-being activities and holistic therapies Soul Circus is full of mindfulness workshops and aerial classes, so there is something for everyone! And don’t go thinking that’s the end of it. Soul Circus is wellness by day and party by night with a selection of DJ after parties so you can sip champagne and enjoy the wonderful fresh produce all day and night long!

Happy Place – Unconfirmed

Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place festival is receiving a lot of buzz for its promotion of mental and physical well-being! The festival is designed to improve your way of thinking and feeling by offering attendees an array of fun activities such as meditation, craft village and pledge wall. Everything in the happy place is about support and inclusion, a proper community!

Unfortunately, there is no news as of yet of when the 2021 festival will be, but keep an eye out cause even if it’s an IOU gift, this festival isn’t one to miss!

Be You – Alexandra Palace London 15th-17th October 2021 Prices start at £12

As the event states Be You is all about celebrating your uniqueness, all the while offering the tools you need to understand and achieve your potential. This event is all about community, meeting like-minded people and coming away feeling body-positive and empowered!

Thank you for viewing our mental health gifts for Christmas and we hope we have given you some ideas on how you might be able to make this year the best one yet!

For more updates from Discovery Journal including new releases, offers and developments please subscribe now or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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