Show You Care This Christmas!

Give the gift of stress relief to your family and friends this year!

Christmas is just around the corner and Discovery Journal is happy to announce the release of our Christmas Combos to satisfy stockings worldwide!

We will be able to send out your orders until the 21st of December for delivery before Christmas Day!

So what exactly do we have lined up for this Christmas season?

The Original and Anxiety Pad Bundle - £24.50

This bundle is perfect for anyone who struggles with social anxiety on a daily basis. Possibly an individual in education or who works in a high-stress job. These two tools work together to keep anxious thoughts at bay on a regular basis.


· Quick to fill out

· No big-time commitment

· Fit into a daily routine

· Helps you figure out triggers

· Tracks your days

· Helps turn a confusing day into a strategic one

The Original and Dream Tracker Bundle - £30

This bundle is ideal for anyone who struggles with restless nights, specifically nightmares or vivid dreams. Over worrying and confusion can lead to an overactive subconscious, causing your issues to seep into your sleep. A time that is meant to be for rest suddenly turns into another long arduous day!


· Monitors waking and sleeping state