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Migraines are a special kind of evil. One of the few occurrences that can completely surprise you and completely disrupt your day, week or month. It really doesn’t matter what mood you are in, how productive you have been, a migraine can strike at any time and all that planning becomes a mute subject because the bed is the only place you’ll be going in any hurry.

I wrote recently about my experience living with Hemiplegic Migraines or “Half-Paralyzed” Migraine in a previous blog which you can view here.

It’s a widely unknown and completely debilitating disease, which when it strikes renders me completely unable to carry out simple tasks, put together coherent sentences or basically carry on with my day with any real success. There is plenty of information out there on this rare type of migraine but not nearly enough on what causes them. As I get older and my migraines become more frequent, I find myself worried about the lasting effects they could be having on my brain capacity and motor functions, having been told at the time of diagnosis that these migraines could increase my chances of stroke in later life by 50%.

Now there any countless amounts of varying types of migraines with a long-standing belief that a migraine is simply a “bad headache” which I’m sure any sufferer would state is a vast understatement. That having been said it is increasingly difficult to truly under a migraine attack, why it happened when it did, what caused it, is there a pattern to their occurrences?

There is no medication for my kind of migraine, no preventative measures and no active “causes” so for this reason, I took it upon myself to create a tracker filling with compartmentalised sections, breaking down the attack into sections of symptoms, times, dates and many other factors associated to see if there was a continuous sequence of events which lead to the attack. By doing so I hope to be able to monitor the migraine attacks more strategically and learn from them.

The tracker is a 50-page wire-bound journal, made up of a series of double-page entries for each attack.

Beginning with an illustrated yearly diary, allowing the user to check off the day in which the attack occurred. By having this function you can see whether there is a distinctive pattern over an extended period of time. I've discovered that my migraines tend to occur every 4 and a half months, which allows me to pre-prepare and plan my events and plans properly in case I get an attack.

The entries within the diary and broken down into associated categories, covering both the actual attack specific including symptoms and after effects, as well as possible contributing factors such as diet and exercise. I sometimes find if I am in a heightened sense of excitement or worry this can bring on an attack. I also find that when I am in this heightened sense of excitement I tend not to eat as regularly as I should do.

You'll notice as well I have featured a section about a females cycle. This can be easily amended if necessary (please contact me to make this amendment) however, I did feel it was essential to include due to many women suffering from migraines which occur due to increased hormonal activity or "menstrual migraines".

This journal can be a great aid to someone who suffers from migraines, if you have more questions please don't hesitate to contact me via or to purchase your tracker please visit the shop.

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