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Transform Your Travel Experience: The Journaling Hack for Anxiety Relief

Updated: Apr 19

Are you familiar with that wave of anxiety that washes over you as you prepare for an upcoming trip? Maybe you've already tried to get out of it? or spent the last few weeks panicking, trying to remain calm? The mix of excitement and worry makes you question if you're truly ready to navigate unfamiliar territory.

You're not alone, I've felt that way for most of my life. Travel anxiety affects many people, hindering their ability to fully enjoy their journeys. With this in mind, I designed a journal specifically for those times when you are faced with a change of environment, whether that be a holiday, a school/work trip or a trip on the train. In this article, we will delve into the impact of travel anxiety, explore the transformative power of journaling for anxiety relief, provide practical tips on how to journal during your travels, and ultimately empower you to embrace the freedom to explore. Journaling can be a game-changer in managing anxiety and enhancing your overall travel experience.

Understanding the Impact of Travel Anxiety

To fully appreciate the power of journaling for anxiety relief during your travels, it's important to first understand the impact that travel anxiety can have on your overall experience. This wave of anxiety that often accompanies trip preparations can stem from a variety of sources. It may be driven by:

  • Fear of the unknown - Anxiety thrives in times when control isn't certain. When you move out of your comfort zone, a lack of control is inevitable. Moving through those "what if" thoughts can be one of the hardest obstacles to get over.

  • Lack of confidence in navigating unfamiliar territory - If it's been a long time since you've been away you may be used to telling yourself you can't do it. Reminding yourself of times when you have survived will go a long way to boosting your confidence.

  • Concerns about safety - Modes of transportation that you aren't familiar with can be fear-provoking and raise a lot of questions. You are required to trust in professionals whose entire job it is to make sure you are safe.

  • Language barriers - If you are going to a country that doesn't speak your language, you may be concerned that if something does happen, no one will be able to understand and therefore help you. It's essential to remember that these people may not speak your language, but they are people too, just like you. Most of our language is communicated through our bodies, they will help you. You won't be alone.

  • The stress of being away from the comforts of home - You could be concerned you won't be able to find or buy your home comforts in another country or know how to navigate a new place. Technology can be a comforting aid here and allow you to find what you are looking for and how to get to it.

Whatever the specific cause, travel anxiety can dampen your excitement and hinder your ability to fully enjoy and embrace the freedom that comes with exploring new places.

The impact of travel anxiety can be both physical and emotional. On a physical level, it may manifest as:

  • Butterflies in your stomach

  • Nausea/Dizziness

  • Racing heart

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Sweating

Emotionally, it can lead to:

  • A constant state of worry

  • Restlessness

  • Panic

This anxiety can become a significant barrier that prevents you from fully immersing yourself in the experiences and adventures that travel has to offer. But there are ways to reduce it and allow you to get the full experience of travel. Maybe those negative feelings can be replaced with amazing feelings such as:

  • Excitement

  • Wonder

  • Education

  • Appreciation

  • Exploration

  • Happiness

  • Pride in yourself

  • Confidence

By understanding the impact of travel anxiety, you can begin to see the significance of finding effective strategies to manage and alleviate these feelings. This is where journaling steps in as a game-changer. With the help of a pen and paper, or even a digital journal, you can harness the transformative power of journaling to combat anxiety, enhance your travel experience, and regain control of your journey. In the subsequent section, we will explore the specific ways in which journaling can relieve anxiety and enable you to embrace the freedom to explore with ease and peace of mind.

We've discovered some tips and tricks which can make travel easier:

The Power of Journaling for Anxiety Relief

Why you should journal instead of using an app:

  • Wifi and signal aren't always guaranteed when travelling - If you rely solely on your interactive device you may end up relying on the provider of the country you are in and not be able to gain access to the apps you are using.

  • Increased spending - You could end up spending a lot more money in foreign countries by using your phone. Tariffs are different when you are aboard and without the correct plan in place, you could end up spending a small fortune on additional data fees.

  • Flight mode - If flying is anxiety-provoking for you, you may not be able to use your apps in flight due to flight mode being enabled. Flight mode will restrict your usage and only allow you to use the minimum of offline apps.

  • Travel Sickness - Staring at your phone could induce travel sickness or prevent you from sleeping while travelling due to the hue of the screen. Make sure you have blue light enabled to make the experience gentler on your eyes.

  • Distraction from other apps - When using interactive devices you could find yourself easily distracted by other apps, which will inevitably take away from your self-care.

The power of journaling for anxiety relief lies in its ability to provide a safe and private space for you to express and explore your thoughts and emotions while you are on the move. Through the act of writing, you can release pent-up anxieties and fears, allowing them to flow onto the pages of your journal.

This process not only helps to unload the weight of these negative emotions but also provides an opportunity for reflection and introspection.

So we're going to introduce you to our new Travel Discovery Journal and what we think is so important when it comes to conquering anxiety on the move!

Anxiety Reducing

Journaling offers a sense of control in the face of uncertainty. When travelling, there are often many variables outside of your control, which can heighten feelings of anxiety. However, by journaling, you create a sense of structure and routine in your day. You may look to your journal as a constant in times that seem chaotic and turn to it in times of distress.

By journaling about your travel anxieties, you can gain a deeper understanding of what triggers these feelings and how they manifest in your body and mind, learning information like this about yourself can add to your progress of recovery and make travelling in the future easier. Self-awareness is key to developing effective coping mechanisms. As you write, you may uncover patterns or insights that enable you to recognize and address the root causes of your anxiety. This newfound clarity can empower you to take proactive steps towards managing and reducing your travel anxiety.

Discovery Journal -  Travel Anxiety

Reflect on the people you meet, the conversations you have, and the moments that resonate with you. If you already have one of our original Discovery Journals, you can slip this into the side pocket, or transfer the information you've collected over on your return!


Anxiety is traumatic enough when you're travelling, you don't need the additional worry of judgement from others. Some of the mental health or "well-being" aids that are on the market can be brightly coloured, highly illustrated and frankly resemble a children's activity book. This is probably not what you want to be taking out of your handbag mid-flight.

Discovery Journal -  Travel Anxiety

We've made journals which are quiet, discreet and portable. You wouldn't even know they were designed for mental health.

Although we promote not shying away from your mental health worries and increasing awareness, we are also keenly aware that your mental health is your business and in times when you might be struggling, drawing unwanted attention won't benefit you.

Have a look!:


Your journal becomes a seamless companion on your travels, always ready to capture your thoughts and experiences, so you need one that speaks to you. If you want to see it, you'll feel more comfortable using it. Our designs are paired back and classy. You can choose from four beautiful refillable cases, made from soft-touch faux leather. Take a closer look...

Discovery Journal -  Travel Anxiety

Pick the journal that fits your style! :


We make all of our journals refillable, so you never need to purchase your journal more than once! (unless you fancy a change of course!)

Mental health care can be a case of trial and error, money can start stacking up, but if you find a resource that works and that you want to continue using, it shouldn't cost the earth to do so!

Different from our original journals our new travel version is bound, meaning you simply need to slip in a new book when you need to refill and our two side pockets allow you to do just that quickly and securely, without any fuss!

Discovery Journal -  Travel Anxiety


Just like our original Discovery Journals, we have made sure our travel journals are adaptable for all reading abilities. Available in both an adult version and ASC versions.

Our version for Autistic persons is printed on off-white recycled paper making readability seamless, as well as featuring more sensory elements and icons for better understanding.

Discovery Journal -  Travel Anxiety

The travel version is short and sweet. It's designed to be on the move and used in times of need. We have condensed the most important sections of our original journals into a two-page spread that only takes minutes to fill in.


When you are travelling or going away for any period of time, you are always conscious of packing restrictions. You want to be able to keep your anxiety at bay while you are away, but not sacrifice any of that essential space or weight in your hand luggage. The new Travel Discovery Journal is A5 size and slips perfectly into any handbag; in addition, the faux leather cover and paper inserts are flexible and tightly contained, so there is no need to be worried about paper creases or tearing during your journey.

Discovery Journal -  Travel Anxiety

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