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What's coming up for Black Friday?

So its a week till Black Friday and although things are extremely different this year and there won't be any mad dashes to the shops or crazy long ques at tills; it doesn't mean the festivities and the excitement of bagging a bargain has to stop.

I wasn't sure about whether I would participate in Black Friday this year, but I thought...we all need something, even if it is a fleeting moment of joy you get from shopping or if you are like me, the absolute ecstasy of ticking a name off my Christmas gift list early!

What was most important to me this year is buying locally. It's been a tough year for all business of every size and industry but the little guy down the local high street feels the pinch more than most. As I sit at home making the Discovery Journals, printing out shipping labels and finding the right size packaging for each order, I think to myself...I hope more people this year think before jumping on amazon for convenience and us small business owners a well-needed boost :) and if you are already thinking like's a sneak peek at our offers (which you can claim now!)

So anyway onto the offers....

Free Gift!

No Code - Simply purchase 1 Original Mental Health Diary

This Black Friday I'll be throwing in a free gift with every Original Journal order!

10% off Christmas Bundles!


We will be offering 10% on all our Christmas Bundles on top of our FREE UK DELIVERY!

What bundles do we have?

For day and night: The Original & Dream Tracker RRP £30 now £27

This bundle includes The Original Mental Health Diary and Discovery Journals Dream Tracker.

Concentrating on conscious and subconscious thoughts, you can analyse and organise your inner thoughts easily and quickly.

Learn more about how a Dream Tracker can improve your mental health.

A daily dose of Anxiety Relief: The Original & Anxiety Pad RRP £24.50 now £22.05

Including The Original Mental Health diary and our new Anxiety Pad, you can conquer your daily anxiety as well and understand the bigger picture.

Take each day as it comes with help from our anxiety pad and give yourself a well-needed boost and then, later on, take a deeper look into your triggers and analysing your day with your diary.

No form of understanding yourself is bad. Learn more about our brand new Anxiety Pad here.

The Full Monty: The Original, Anxiety Pad & Dream Tracker RRP £38 now £34.20

Give everything a go! You never know what will work for you so our full mental health bundle can assist you in your journey to understanding!

For more amazing Mental Health Gift ideas have a look at our top 7!

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