Why Choose A Refillable?

Here at Discovery Journal, we have released a range of refillable jackets for our increasingly popular anxiety journal, this is why we think you should "go refillable"

In this blog we have listed some of the primary benefits of going "refillable" and how we have worked on creating a system that supports you so you keep progressing.

  1. They are utterly B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

When you think of tools to help conquer mental illness or reduce symptoms of anxiety you are usually faced with multiple brightly coloured activity and colouring books. The problem with these is that the novelty soon wears off. I myself have tried popular non-fiction books with catchy headlines, colouring books (both extremely complex and unbelievably easy) and the activity books, hell I've even given apps a go! But these soon ended up in the back of a cupboard just waiting for a reprieve.

When you are faced with a new brightly coloured activity the excitement wears off when you suddenly realise you are an adult, you have adult needs and serious obstacles to overcome. These new refillable journals wouldn't look out of place in a desk drawer or on a bookshelf. They are designed to be a long-term option you won't get bored of but instead add to!

2. They are cost-effective

We've made the new refillable system even easier on your pocket. Like any long-term option, you have an initial outlay to overcome but if our journals work for you, a refillable option means instead of having to purchase a whole new journal every time, you simply refill it with our book blocks (£6) as and when you need to!

And just to cover all bases...

If you are nervous about that first outlay cost we have other options available to give the journal a try before you commit to our faux leather jackets.

A Poly Plastic Jacket

Again this is a refillable option but at a much lower cost. This is a great option to start off with and it means you can get into the re-fill routine from the start!

These jackets are also waterproof and spill-proof, great it you have little legs running around or want to take your journal out and about with you.

Let's not forget our Original Wire-Bound's

We are in no rush to get rid of our original Discovery Journals! You will still have the option to purchase the wire-bound version across all our colours.

Maybe try these out first and see if you can get into the swing of things.

3. No more waste

We don't want our customers to be put off with the idea of buying a whole new diary every time they ran out of pages. It's absolutely incredible when you finally find something that works for you, fits around your schedule and most importantly aids your recovery from anxiety and daily stress, the last thing we want is for that process to become arduous to keep up. With our refillable, you can be constantly on top of your own progress and even have a little stock of extra pages so you don't forget or you can carry on if you are having a particularly tight month.

Our refillable are available in a variety of options and colours and we hope you can find the exact right one for you!

See the full range now!

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