Our Anxiety Pad comes in 3 colours to match our Discovery Journal.


A brand new way to take control of each and every day!  This is a reward-based system where you complete certain tasks you have set for yourself and you reward yourself with the goal you have allocated to yourself.


If you love a to-do list or want to keep yourself in a routine but your anxiety is causing a problem, this is the one! This little pad enables you to preplan the next day's goals and ambitions, reducing your chances of being crippled with anxiety the following day.  


1 Pad features: 

  • 2 Introduction sheets which can be torn off - explaining how to fill in your pad daily, for the best results
  • 8 x weekly reward charts
  • 8 weeks worth of daily sheets
  • Star Stickers for your rewards page


All orders in the UK will be sent free of postal charges. All other areas will be a flat rate of £4

Black Daily Anxiety Rip Pad