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Tell Your Story

Mental illness is a rainbow of experiences and by telling your story you can help us design more bespoke journals and build a community of support for others. 

Communication is often difficult when you're living with any mental illness, that feeling that no one will understand is prominent within us all at some stage. We want to open up the conversation and create a place where mental health is talked about openly and where we can all learn and grow with help from each other. 

You can submit your story anonymously by just stating "My Story" in the name box. We've included some questions to help us with our journal development but if you'd rather skip this part you can do so! We may not be able to post all the stories submitted but you might find the experience of opening up to be freeing in itself.  

Use this space to tell your story. Were there any techniques you found particularly helpful? Let us know your highs and your lows. 

Mental Illness (Diagnosed/Non Diagnosed)
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