Managing Mental Health at Home

We create journals to help discover triggers, identify concerns and monitor moods.

Tracks Mood, Behaviour & Interactions

Flat writing surface, Refillable & Ideal for Left-Handed writers

Designed with Life Experience 

Adult and Teen journal inserts focusing on the fundamental elements of life 

Builds a pattern of emotional responses to create a clearer picture of triggers


Choose your refillable binder + Choose your journal insert

Any journal we provide comes in a beautiful refillable binder of your choice. Our binders are available in 4 varieties to fit any budget and all are refillable, vegan, and perfect for left-handed users as well.

Once you've chosen your binder, simply select which journal you'd prefer (more information on journal inserts and their layouts below)



We offer 3 variations of our Anxiety Beater Journal; Adult, Teen, and Autistic variations and have newly released a journal designed for the family and friends of those living with addiction. Designed with a lived experience all journals enable you to analyse patterns of behaviours and identify triggers. All our journals are designed to be used "as and when" and there is no pressure to write every day. We find journalling becomes more of a joy and release when it's not a daily demand.

Adult Anxiety Journal

Encourages using emotive words rather than

"stressed" or "tired" for better communication

Focuses on highlighting triggers of anxiety by working through sections of the day

Features 3 bulleted pages and one free-writing page for further analysis

Looks into prioritizing and identifying causes

Tracks patterns of behaviour and mood to build a picture of consistencies


Teen Anxiety Journal
(13-19 years)

Focuses on peer interaction and effects of social media

2 pages of bulleted format and 2 pages of free writing space for further analysis.

Encourages honesty with one's self and better communication with others

Designed in collaboration with a prominent Children's Charity

Quick and easy completion to make journalling a joy, not a chore

Anxiety Journal
Autistic Version

Encourages use of emotive language and practices expressing emotion verbally

Text printed on cream paper and uses muted colour palette throughout

Features imagery to accompany text

Focuses on peer interaction and effects of social media

Looks closely at moments of the day that cause intense anxiety as well as fight and flight response

autistic journal.jpg

Affected by Addiction - 
Family and Friends (14+)

Focuses on identifying core emotions and analysing their cause

Encourages honesty and prioritising self

Helps guide you through altercations or difficult days allowing you to move through anger

Highlights your worries, fears, and concerns as well as finding constructive paths to reduce them

Boosts strength of self and personal identity 




"I’ve found the journal to be a massive help in acknowledging my emotions and recognizing patterns in my behaviour that help me to understand my triggers. I struggle to fill a blank page with my thoughts but the layout of the journal is fantastic, particularly the emotion box because sometimes it’s hard to put a word on an emotion until you see it on the page. Would definitely recommend!"



"Loving this folder & the tracking sheets. I think it's a great idea to be able to record your day & emotions, hopefully, I will be able to continue with it once back at work when I have less time."



"The most amazing journal that has been incredibly beneficial to my own personal recovery. It’s so easy to pinpoint in my day if something has gone wrong or stressed me out by looking back on all my daily interactions and moods throughout the day. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs a journal centered around mental health."



"I get really bad anxiety and having somewhere to sort my mind and my day out is amazing. Gets me thinking of the triggers and is sort of an amazing day of self therapy. It's a real help having somewhere to validate how I feel."