"I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when you don't understand it yourself"

The worlds first compartmentalized mental health diary is designed to be a simple and quick way to manage and identify your daily stress and anxiety. 

The Discovery Journal is a way to encourage you to take time for yourself.

Split up into easily digestible sections, The Discovery Journal is a fun and organised way of making sense of your day. No need to trawl over the day's events, simply fill in each section within your own time. 

Look at your day in digestible sections, be strategic and concise about your emotions and remind yourself of the days you survived and the days you thrived!

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Our Original Diary - Designed to reduce stress and anxiety!


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A fun reward system for you to conquer daily anxious thoughts



There is no better way than to show you care by making sure your family and friends know you are thinking of them and supporting them.



Journals are a very personal item. Something incredibly exposing and enlightening. Some people write every day, once a week or less. In my case, I write when I’m at a height of anger, sadness or confusion. Having battled with severe anxiety and ocd personally, as well as having had experiences with other mental health challenges I am programmed to see and deal with life more diplomatically. No feeling should ever be ignored.  
Something can happen in an average day, that can rock me and things tend to pile on top until I can’t put my finger on a cause or a culprit, and everyone around me will suffer from my confusion. Writing down the day and getting in touch with myself helps me decipher what is really bothering me and address it quickly. I wanted to create something which will act as a logic, strategic and simple way to "get to know yourself".


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The Discovery Journal is designed for anyone in any place in life. 
Mental Health is universal, diagnosed or not. A diary is a source of comfort as well as a tried and tested way to become more psychologically aware, a friend to those who struggle to open up and express themselves as well as a beneficial tool for those struggling with existing mental health challenges.


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