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Unusual Valentine's Gifts

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

So Valentines Day is nearly upon us once again and it's always a bit of a funny one. A day that's meant to be dedicated to love. All love.

To me love is inclusive. I'm not suggesting you take everyone you love and who loves you for a to imitate dinner date but perhaps we should all be more mindful and imaginative when it comes to how we show our love.

As we get closer to February 14th the supermarkets begin to become very pink and floral. Full of chocolates, perfume, and flowers and hey I'm never going to say no to a lovely bunch of flowers but let's take a look at some less conventional ideas for everyone...

"You and your significant other will grow in new levels of your relationship through adventures and experiences you will never forget. The catch? Your adventure is a mystery until you scratch off a challenge."

This Adventure guide is a creative way to learn new things, develop your relationship, and discover need things about each other. This is a gift that keeps giving all year (or longer!)

And they also do family, friends, and solo editions! No reason why we all can't celebrate right?

Check out their whole collection here

This is a chance to let someone know how you truly feel about style!

You can write your own 12 little love notes and have them delivered to whomever you choose! We might think that the days of receiving a love letter had gone...but I say we bring them back!

You can create yours on Not on the Highstreet

We don't always associate mental health with romance, but Discovery Journal likes to think that love is not linear, and showing someone you care by reaching out and providing them with a resource that may calm them is the most powerful selfless kind of love.

We all know the feeling of wanting to help but not knowing what to do. The Discovery Journal allows you to not say a word, while at the same time saying everything your loved one needs to hear.

See the full collection here

Discovery Journal has a new addition to accompany their journals for anxiety. The Semicolon is a symbol that means your life story isn't over yet and the next new chapter in your life is just beginning, this sentiment is as poignant as ever on Valentine's Day. Show your loved ones just how much you believe in them with a symbol of care on February 14th.

Buy now via Discovery Journal

"Super cute gift or a loved one or to add something a little different to your wardrobe. Great for cozy nights in or weekend trips - very versatile piece with a sassy embroidered slogan for that little something extra."

This unisex jumper is truly wonderful for anyone looking to celebrate valentines day, it would make a perfect gag gift for your partner or a wonderful addition to any single wardrobe.

Get yours on Not on the Highstreet now

"Inside there are 52 sealed envelopes, each with a date idea inside, encouraging you to spend time together long after the chocolates are eaten on February 14th! There are two versions to help suit different lifestyles; the Surprise Edition means any card could be in any envelope – it’s a lucky dip – and; the Categorised Edition, which is perfect for parents, people on a budget, or those who like to keep a bit of control!"

A great way to get out and about with the one you love! Have a look for your own Year of Dates here

How could I not feature COUPONS! these are pretty smart though! Not your conventional "get out of jail free" last-minute gift here! "The coupons range from ‘Breakfast in Bed’ to ‘Recreate your first date’ and also includes a scratch-off golden ticket where you can decide what your partner would like, be creative!"

These would make a lovely addition to any Valentine's Day...although you might be committing to a full year of surprise coupons!

Get your coupons here

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